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The materials on this site are no longer being updated. For Practical Action's main school site go to www.practicalaction.org/schools

1 - ecofashion
2 - yoghurt
3 - plastics
4 - playpumps
5 - organiccotton
6 - windpower
7 - maasai
8 - organicbaby
9 - soap
10 - sheabutter

Other sites of interest

Here you can find some other sites that you might find interesting.
Please note, Practical Action cannot be held responsible for the content of non-Practical Action sites.

Practical Action is an international development agency that works with rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It aims to enable poor people in the South to develop and use sustainable skills and technologies.

'Hands on' brings you information on what entrepreneurs and individuals around the world are doing in the fields of sustainable enterprise and appropriate technology.

The Design and Technology Association (DATA) is committed to securing, developing and enhancing design and technology in all sectors of education.

The Centre for Alternative Technology strives to achieve co-operation between the natural, technological and human worlds. The site looks at strategies and tools for developing a sustainable future.

A site of news, issues and campaigns related to the developing world. Includes links to over 450 non-governmental organisations.

A rapid response information series for schools on world events in the news.

A non-profit making organisation promoting the idea that sustainability can be achieved by modelling industrial systems on nature.

Background information on this successful chain of shops, looking at issues such as the company's environmental, human rights and community trading policies.


A site about women and development, with current viewpoints, statistics and case studies. Useful links to a wide variety of organisations and sites.

Information on African society, culture and current events.

Two useful sites for teachers and students of geography, with a range of activities, book reviews, chat rooms and links.

Click on the Sustainability Action Group Exchange link for all the latest news on sustainability and links to nearly 80 useful sites with a sustainability focus.

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