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Hoes from tractors

Peter Kariuku lives in Kenya where, until recently, he worked as a subsistence farmer. This meant that he had a small area of land where he grew crops such as maize, potatoes, beans and peanuts to feed himself and his family.

As a farmer, Peter knew how important it was to have a good hoe for weeding the soil. However, the only hoes available were expensive and not very strong. Peter came up with his own solution to this problem, making hoes for himself and his friends using old hoe heads and tractor brake discs.

Seeing the popularity of his recycled design, Peter carried out research to find out whether he could set up a business making and selling the hoes. He collected together old hoe heads that farmers were throwing away for scrap and discovered that a nearby sugar factory had plenty of tractor discs he could use. Word soon spread that Peterís hoes were reasonably priced and hard wearing, and he now sells up to 300 per week.

Hoes from tractors case study



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