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Fair Food: Design context

Every day we make invisible connections with farmers all around the world who produce the things we buy and use. These people are just like us – they need to eat, send their children to school and pay for healthcare. But at the moment, the price we pay for their products often doesn’t enable them to do this.

The answer? Fair trade.

If you see a product in the supermarket with the FAIRTRADE MARK, you know that the farmers who grew it were paid a fair price and had good working conditions. There are now over 100 different types of fair-traded food products on sale in the UK , including chocolate, tea, coffee, honey, nuts, bananas, sugar, mangoes, pineapples and fruit juice.

Design Brief

Design and make a snack that uses at least one fair-traded ingredient.


Ingredients, Recipe, Analysing, Specification, Quality, Production, Hygiene, Vitamin, Fibre, Batch


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