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The materials on this site are no longer being updated. For Practical Action's main school site go to www.practicalaction.org/schools

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2 - yoghurt
3 - plastics
4 - playpumps
5 - organiccotton
6 - windpower
7 - maasai
8 - organicbaby
9 - soap
10 - sheabutter

Teachers' notes

This site has been designed to help design and technology teachers and students consider sustainability in design. Here we take a look at the different information available and consider how you might make the most of it in the classroom.
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Case Studies

There are 35 case studies on the STEP site, primarily aimed at key stage 4 students. These provide a range of examples of sustainable solutions to technology issues from around the world.

Each case study includes background information, a design story, product analysis and an introduction to values issues. There are also suggestions for practical activities and class discussions. Teachers have found the case studies useful both for whole class work and for independent projects.

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KS3 stage 3 resources

New to the site are six units of work specifically designed to meet the key stage 3 strategy framework for design and technology. We suggest you start by reading through the online resources for the units you're interested in - you'll find a design context and brief; facts and figures to grab students' attention; a research page leading to useful background information; and a series of downloadable activities.

If you want to deliver a unit in the classroom, download the student booklet. This:

Your students will need to use the STEP site to complete the booklets - the two have been designed to work alongside each other. You may also find it helpful to plan a series of short focused practical tasks to give pupils the knowledge and skills they need to complete a unit.

Find out more about how the STEP key stage 3 resources support the new key stage 3 strategy.

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In addition to the activities included in the case studies and key stage 3 resources, there are:

These are designed to be stand-alone, but support and are complemented by the case studies and key stage 3 resources on the STEP site.

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Finding out more

If you click on this cog off the STEP home page, you will find:

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Saving images and text

As you use the STEP site, you may come across images or information that you would like to save for future use. If you are a Internet Explorer user, you can:

If you have an email account and an email program on your computer, you can also send friends a link to the STEP website. Click the File menu, point to Send, then click Page by E-mail or Link by E-mail. A message window will open with the link in. Simply complete the message and send it as normal.

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