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1 - ecofashion
2 - yoghurt
3 - plastics
4 - playpumps
5 - organiccotton
6 - windpower
7 - maasai
8 - organicbaby
9 - soap
10 - sheabutter


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tallow fat from animals which is used for making soap 
tannin a complex chemical compound found in tree bark which is used to soften leather 
technology a tool or way of doing things (technique) that people use to complete a task. Technology includes everything and anything, from a cup to a computer 
thermometer a device used for measuring temperature usually of the air or in a person's body 
thickener a substance added to a food product to make it thicker 
toga a loose, flowing garment 
toxic poisonous 
toxin a poison 
trade the exchange of goods for money or other goods 
trade union an organisation of people employed in a particular type of work, formed to protect and promote their common interests 
treadle sewing-machine a sewing-machine powered by a foot lever 
tribo-electric electricity created by rubbing (static electricity) 
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