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1 - ecofashion
2 - yoghurt
3 - plastics
4 - playpumps
5 - organiccotton
6 - windpower
7 - maasai
8 - organicbaby
9 - soap
10 - sheabutter


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ecology the scientific study of living things and their relationship with the environment 
economic concerned with the creation and sharing of goods and money 
efficient working with as little waste of resources and energy as possible 
effluent a flow of waste, often sewage 
embodied energy the total amount of energy used in the extraction of raw materials the manufacture of the product and finally the transporting of product to where it is used 
emission a substance discharged into the air 
enamel the glossy, hard coating over a tooth 
endocrine system glands/organs that produce and secrete chemical substances known as hormones 
entrepreneur a person who sets up and manages a project or business 
environment people's surroundings that can affect their lives 
evaporation a process by which liquid turns into a gas, usually by heating 
Ew Ew is one of the African languages spoken in Ghana 
excrete to separate and expel waste food 
exporter a person involved in organising goods to be sent to another country 
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