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1 - ecofashion
2 - yoghurt
3 - plastics
4 - playpumps
5 - organiccotton
6 - windpower
7 - maasai
8 - organicbaby
9 - soap
10 - sheabutter


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bauxite a rock containing aluminium (symbol: Al) which is a lightweight metal used to make kitchen appliances and in building construction 
biodegradable a biodegradable material can decompose (break down) naturally through the action of bacteria or other living organisms 
biodiversity a term used to cover the range of different species of animals plants fungiand microbial organisms living on Earth and the variety of habitats in which they live. 
blanche to remove the peel or shell by placing in boiling water or steam 
blueprint a detailed plan or design 
briquette a block of compressed coal dust used as a fuel 
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