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1 - ecofashion
2 - yoghurt
3 - plastics
4 - playpumps
5 - organiccotton
6 - windpower
7 - maasai
8 - organicbaby
9 - soap
10 - sheabutter


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acacia a tree with yellow or white flowers which produces a sticky gum used in cosmetic manufacture 
acetone a strong-smelling colourless liquid 
acid a chemical substance. An acid has a pH value less than 7 and turns litmus paper to a red colour 
acrylic a man-made material 
additive a substance added to food to give it a particular quality 
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) a fatal condition caused by a virus which leaves the patient unable to fight new infections 
alkali a chemical substance. An alkali has a pH above 7 and turns litmus paper blue. It is soluble in water, neutralizes acids and forms salts with them 
alloy a substance that is a mixture of two or more metals or of a metal with a non-metallic material 
antibiotics chemical compounds used to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria 
apartheid discrimination based on race and the colour of skin. Until 1991 the White government of South Africa ran a system of apartheid whereby Black people were given less access to employment, health and education and were kept separate from the White population 
appropriate technology a tool or way of doing things that helps people to carry out their tasks quickly and easily with limited impact on the local environment and resources 
arable land that is suitable for growing crops 
artificial colouring a food colouring that doesn't occur naturally 
Ashanti the Ashanti Region (previously known as The Ashanti Kingdom) is a large area in central Ghana 
auxiliary extra or additional 
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