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Water - pump as you play!

What is a play pump?

Roundabout Outdoor, a South African company, has recently introduced an innovative solution to the problem of pumping water from a borehole: the play pump.

It came up with the idea of putting a roundabout near a borehole and connecting the water pump to the roundabout. As local children play happily on the roundabout, their energy is harnessed and used to power the pump. Water is pumped up from the borehole into a large, sealed storage tank near the playground. When families need water from the tank, they simply have to use a tap.

The play pump roundabout is almost as easy to push as a normal roundabout and children have great fun playing on it. Local families can now collect their water quickly and easily, leaving the women more time to spend earning money for the family and the children more time for education.

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