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Fair trade moisturiser

Making the butter

Most of the shea butter is made from April to September, when the shea nuts ripen. However, some nuts are also stored for processing out of season, when prices are higher.

To make shea butter, the women:

1. separate the nuts from the tree's green fruit
2. part-boil the nuts and dry them in the sun
3. crack open the nuts and take out the kernels
4. roast and crush the kernels
5. add water and stir the mixture by hand
6. skim off the oil that rises to the surface of the mixture
7. boil the oil to remove impurities
8. pour the oil into containers and leave it to cool

A creamy white fat forms - the shea butter - which is then stored ready for sale or for use locally. The butter that The Body Shop buys is shipped to Holland, where it is refined ready for use.

Making bath bombs

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