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Yeo Valley organic desserts

Sustainable processing and distribution

Yeo Valley Organic attempts to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment. Any damaged packaging waste is compacted and all office wastepaper and junk mail is reduced and recycled. Yogurt that is squeezed out of the waste compactor is sent to whey tanks and used as organic animal feed by local farmers (this also avoids the unnecessary use of landfill sites).

The company treats its own effluent, which ends up in the local stream. It ensures that the effluent plant discharges clean water, well within standards set by the Rivers Authority.

The companys fleet of lorries used to transport products are double-deckers, which can carry 48 pallets at a time (twice the normal amount). This will reduce fuel requirements and lower load costs. To ensure that lorries are used to maximum capacity, Yeo Valley Organic shares distribution with other companies. Once lorries have been emptied after a delivery, they are filled with packaging materials to be transported back to the factory.

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