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Wind power

How does the wind-powered system work?

The blades are bolted onto a steel box section, which in turn is welded to the shaft of the generator. The whole assembly is mounted on a steel pole that is kept in place with stays (like the guy ropes of a tent).

The wind acts on the blades, which turn the shaft of the generator. The electricity produced is used to charge up the battery. If the battery is already fully charged, a charge controller diverts the electricity to a bank of bulbs called the dump load. If the wind gets too strong, the inclined hinged vane makes the whole system veer away from the wind. This slows down the rotor speed.

Lights (12 volt) can be run directly from the battery in the wind-powered system. An inverter is needed to power a TV. This converts (inverts) the 12V direct current into 230V alternating current. The inverter needs to be kept in a cool place.


Electricity in the home

Communal schemes

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