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Turning tractors into hoes

Production : Hoe, hoe, hoe

Peter Kariuku had already tried making hoes for himself and friends using materials from an old tractor brake disc. Although everyone liked the hoes, he had never bothered to sell them.

However, when Peter moved to Migori in 1999, he decided to try to do something about his hoe-making idea. He began by contacting Practical Action's Jua-kali Association, which advises local people on enterprise ideas. He carried out research to find out whether people would be interested in his recycled hoes and where he could get hold of tractor discs, handles and hoe heads (the part that the hoe's blade and handle fit into). He soon discovered that a nearby sugar factory had plenty of tractor discs and that many farmers just threw away old hoe heads for scrap.

Peter set up a small business making hoes in the centre of town. Word spread that his hoes were reasonably priced and hard-wearing, and he slowly established a market. Now, in the peak season, he can sell 300 hoes a week. Sales drop to around 50 hoes a week during the rest of the year.

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