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Recycled fleeces

The context

Did you know that when you put a plastic bottle in the bin, you are doing something that will be repeated 15 million times across Britain that day? The light, easily disposable bottle in your hands forms part of 275,000 tonnes of plastic bottles that are thrown away every year.

In some ways, using plastic bottles is good for the environment. Plastic is lighter than glass and it takes 40% less fuel to transport plastic bottles than glass bottles. But it is made from crude oil - a non-renewable resource. And unless you put the bottle in a recycling bin, it is likely to end up polluting the environment in a landfill site.

One solution to the problem of waste plastic is to burn it with other rubbish, creating heat that can be used to generate electricity. However, this is not a completely efficient process, as some energy is lost. A better option is to find another use for the plastic so that none of it is wasted. This case study tells the story of one company that is doing just this by making clothing out of recycled plastic bottles.

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