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Eco-friendly fashion

Is eco-fashion sustainable?

Think about the following.

  • Eco-clothes are made from organic raw materials that are grown without pesticides. This reduces damage to the environment, animals and peoples health.
  • Other eco-clothes are made using recycled textiles or plastics, saving on waste, landfill space and the amount of raw materials used.
  • No harmful chemicals and bleaches - which can cause long-term damage to peoples health and the environment - are used in the production of eco-clothes.
  • Eco-clothes are fair traded.
  • Eco-clothes are high quality and last a long time. Because of this people need fewer clothes, less raw materials and energy are used, and there is less waste.
  • To guarantee standards in the future, a system of eco-labelling is being established to show that clothes have been made from organic materials and manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way.
  • Many famous fashion designers have started to use organic materials - and make money!

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