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Degradable rubbish bags


FPT/product analysis (resistant materials)
Carry out a product analysis in which you compare a range of bin-liners or refuse sacks. Test them for size, strength, ease of handling and cost. Then take a standard sized sample of material from each bag and compare how they degrade under different conditions. This needs to be a fair test investigation, in which you control the variables systematically. You could carry it out in conjunction with the science department. (This could be used as evidence for assessing Sc1 (scientific enquiry) in key stages 3 and 4.)

DMA (resistant materials)
Design and make an apparatus for fair testing (comparing) the strength of refuse bags or bin-liners in order to carry out the experiments needed for the product analysis task above.

DMA (graphic products)
Design, implement and evaluate a campaign to get families with children at your school to use totally degradable bin-liners or refuse sacks for their household and/or garden waste. As a supplementary activity, you could extend your campaign to all households in the borough/town/district, getting the support of your local council and newspapers.

FPT/product analysis (food technology)
Collect a range of plastics packaging for food products. Identify the plastics used and compare them for degradability (see the first task).

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