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Multi-purpose bike trailers

Designing and making the trailer

The bicycle trailer was designed by Intermediate Technology Transport as a sustainable technology - something that local people could make and repair themselves.

When it became clear that people in country areas of Sri Lanka were interested in using the trailer, training was organised to show local manufacturers how to make it. The trailer's frame is made from steel tubing, using processes such as welding, cutting and drilling. The wheels are also made from steel, using a wheel-bending machine. Sometimes the spokes are welded, but people prefer the more expensive wheels with adjustable spokes.

Because the bicycle trailers are made near to where they are used, the manufacturers are in touch with what people need and want. Based on feedback from users the design was changed. Wheels were strengthened, trailer size was varied to accommodate different users and the frame was redesigned to allow use as a hand cart.

Premadasa's story

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