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Honey production


Design and making assignments (DMAs)

DMA: Sticky business (Food)
Honey production is a popular and sustainable small-scale business in parts of Zimbabwe, because of the resources available in the locality.

Design and make a food product for sale which can be made from food readily available within your locality, and which could be sold at a profit.

DMA: Sweet success with honey (Food)
Design and make a food product that contains honey that can be sold in a local food outlet of your choice.

Research: Identify and record a range of food products for sale in a local food outlet that contain honey.

Focused tasks (FTs)

FT: Protective clothing

Identify a number of characteristics that you would need your protective garment to achieve e.g. fire retardant, stretchy, waterproof etc. Carry out some fabric tests to identify which fabrics are most suitable for your purpose.

Research: Visit a food outlet that sells a range of honeys. What do the labels tell you about the honey?

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