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Peanut butter milling

Hiring machines

Practical Action's office in Migori set up a Jua-kali workshop to improve skills among local artisans.

It carried out a survey to find out what the local community needed and soon discovered that there was a shortage of tools and machinery. People couldn't afford to buy their own equipment and this was holding them back. As a result, Practical Action set up a tool hire project in 1997. Local people visit the offices and hire machines like drills, welders and lathes by the hour. The cost depends on the complexity of the tool or machine - a drill costs 60 Kenyan shillings (60p) per hour, while a lathe costs 200 K sh (2).

Now people can also hire a peanut butter mill to take back to their area and use for a longer time. As one user explains: 'It's made a great difference. Before we could only make about 50 K sh for a day's work. Now we're able to make 500 K sh. The machine is very reliable. It hasn't broken down yet but there are a few things I'd like to change about its design to make it even better. We're hoping to hire some more during the peak season and eventually we'll buy one.'



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