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Eco-friendly fashion

Earth A'Wear products

Earth AWear wanted to challenge the idea that green clothing has to be dull and old-fashioned. The clothes and acceessories it sells are as fashionable as any other designer label.

All of the clothes sold in the shop are either made from environmentally-friendly raw materials or from recycled materials. For example, there are:

  • skirts made from pineapple fibres
  • jumpers made from peat
  • fleeces made from 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled plastic bottles
  • shirts made from organic silk
  • belts made from bicycle tyres.


    The company has been tremendously successful in getting its message across, raising the profile of eco-clothing and the environmental aspects of the textile industry in Denmark. As a result of media coverage, other retailers now stock products from the range. Financially it has not been easy, but Earth AWear has survived and is developing an internet business. Nick Paxevanos now runs his own consultancy to develop green commerce.

  • Greenfibres in the UK

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