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Nut oil extraction for cosmetics

The context

Have you ever collected berries, fruits or nuts that grow in the wild? Perhaps you have been blackberrying, picked mushrooms or gathered nuts in the autumn.

But have you ever thought about who owns these things? Does everyone have the right to collect them?

In Brazil, it is traditional for local women to collect babassu nuts that fall from palm trees. The nuts are among the most useful in the world:

Not only do the women use the nuts in their own homes, but they also sell them to earn money for their families. Babassu has become their main source of income and the whole community depends on it.

However, in recent years the women's right to collect the babassu nuts has come under threat. ‘Nobody planted them or cultivated them', argue the women. 'They belong to the nation, like water and air.'

Read their story and see what you think.

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