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Eco-friendly fashion

The context

The world of fashion may be stylish, glamorous and exciting. But have you ever stopped to think about its wider impact?

From an environmental point of view, the clothes we wear and the textiles they are made from can cause a great deal of damage.

  • The pesticides that farmers use to protect textiles as they grow can harm wildlife, contaminate other products and get into the food we eat.
  • The chemicals that are used to bleach and colour textiles can damage the environment and peoples health.
  • Old clothes that we throw away take up precious space in landfill sites, which are filling up rapidly. However, most of these clothes could be recycled or reused - how often are the clothes you throw away really worn out?

    In addition, the people who make clothes often have to work in terrible conditions. Many clothes bought in northern countries are imported cheaply from the South, where they are made by sweat shop workers (often children) who work long and hard for very little money.

    So the traditional fashion industry isnt very sustainable. Click on the next cog to find out about the eco-fashion solution.

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