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Community radio production

Popular radio in Ecuador

Since 1998, Werkhof Darmstadt has supported the social and cultural work of ERPE (Escuelas Radiophonicas Populares del Ecuador), a local radio station in the highlands of Ecuador.

Until the 1960s, communication was a major problem for people living in rural parts of Ecuador. It was very difficult to find out about local news and there were few opportunities to share ideas and opinions. People in the highlands felt that their needs were being ignored and many moved to the towns in search of work.

With the rural community under threat, a local bishop decided to set up a radio station - ERPE. The initial aim of the station was to try to tackle the problem of illiteracy in the area (80% of the community couldn't read or write). Today the station concentrates on:
ERPE has shown that by improving communication in an area, local radio can help to hold a community together.

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