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Multi-purpose bike trailers


Multi-purpose bike trailers

DMA: Redesign the Sri Lankan bike trailer to meet a specified need in your own community.

Research: In groups, brainstorm different ways of transporting goods and providing transport services in your area.

Consider and discuss whether or not your parents could use a bike trailer for a weekly supermarket shop. Can bike trailers be fashionable or trendy?

DMA: Design and make a device for carrying an identified product on your bike (e.g. mobile phone, soccer boots, skateboard, hockey stick).

Research: Carry out a survey in two classes to find out what sort of things students carry regularly on their bikes.

Product analysis: Conduct a website search on bike trailers. Choose two to compare. Consider the intended user, the market, product form and function, the method of manufacture and its sustainability. Produce an annotated A3 sheet showing your analysis of the two trailers in the light of the above criteria.

Some possible sites you might start with are:

Ask Jeeves is also a good place to start.

FPT: Investigate different ways of strengthening a frame.

Other subjects: Find out what percentage of students in your class come to school:

a) on foot
b) in a car
c) by bus or train
d) by bike

Which is the most popular way of getting to school? Why do you think this is? Why don't more people travel by bike?

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