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Fair trade moisturiser

Sustainable ingredients

In some cases, traditional beauty products already use sustainable ingredients (for example rose-water, which has long been used as a skin toner). However, in other cases, recent discoveries have led to the use of more sustainable alternatives.

Spermaceti, which is great for softening the skin, has been used in creams since the 1780s. However, it is taken from the sperm whale and can only be extracted by killing the whale. With whale numbers falling, it was discovered just 20 years ago that jojoba oil, extracted from the nuts of the jojoba shrub, has similar properties to spermaceti. Just one acre of jojoba bushes produces as much oil as 30 whales - and you don;t even have to kill the shrub.

Similarly, Teddy Exports from India has started creating massage products from the native acacia tree. The wood regrows, rather like our skin, so there is no danger of exhausting the supply.

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