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Multi-purpose bike trailers

Village travel in Sri Lanka

Villagers living in country areas of Sri Lanka faced a similar problem when it came to carrying their belongings. There are few roads running across the countryside and most people have to travel on tracks and footpaths. As a result, bicycles are a popular and practical method of transport, used by over half of all households.

However, balancing on a bike is difficult if you’re carrying goods, food or water, especially if the surface of the track is uneven. Villagers often resorted to piling their bike high with goods then struggling to push it along. Others tried adding attachments to help them carry more, but the maximum load was still limited and pulling the load was very hard work - journeys over about 15 kilometres were impossible.

Without an effective way to carry loads, life for villagers was difficult. Taking produce to market, bringing water and firewood home, even travelling to school and hospital were problematic.

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