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Hygienic cheese production


Research: Cheese varies considerably in texture (soft to hard), colour and smell. All of these factors can influence whether people like them. Choose six different cheeses with a range of smells, and carry out research with your classmates to find out which is the most popular. (Processed cheese has a very mild smell, Stilton and other blue cheese is strong.) Does a strong smell put off your classmates?

FPT: Choose a range of hard and soft cheese (e.g. Cheddar, vegetarian Cheddar, Brie, cottage cheese, cream cheese, Mozarella) and compare their fat content and their vitamin value. What conclusions can you draw from your findings? Why might one cheese be more suitable than another for some cooking purposes?

DMA: Design and make a potato or vegetable dish served with either a cheese sauce or topped with grilled cheese that would appeal to your classmates.

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