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Eco-friendly fashion


  • As a class, discuss the following statements:
    - Can you look good and wear sustainable clothing?
    - Should there be tax reductions on clothes made from organic or recycled materials?

  • Design and make a fashionable item of clothing for a teenager using recycled materials. Collect a wide range of reclaimed materials to choose from, for example plastic bottles, video-tape, bin liners, paper, scraps of fabric, wire, bubble-wrap, tea-bags, or anything else that is usually thrown away. Experiment with different ways of joining and finishing these materials. Sketch ideas for clothing, including details of construction, then make up your garment from a pattern you have made yourself.

  • As a class, put on an eco-fashion show. Your aim should be to show off your designs and to excite the audience about clothes made out of recycled materials.

  • Put together a scrapbook on eco-fashion. You could look out for information and pictures about:
    - famous fashion designers who use sustainable materials
    - the organic production of textiles
    - how textiles can be made from recycled materials.
    You could also include freehand sketches of garments that you might make from recycled or organic materials.

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