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Yeo Valley organic desserts

Product analysis: Yeo Valley Organic yogurts

The market
In the summer of 2002, Yeo Valley Organic brand had a 4.5% share of all yogurts sold in supermarket chains making it one of the biggest organic brands in the UK. The company also produces some retailer own-brand organic yogurts.

Product function
Children and adults eat the yogurts as a healthy dessert. All Yeo Valley Organic yogurts are 'bio live' and probiotic. This means that they contain good bacteria that help to keep your digestive system in balance.

As an example, a Yeo Valley Organic strawberry and wholegrain yogurt contains:

Typical nutritional values per 100g are:


Health, safety and hygiene regulations are followed throughout the production, distribution and sale of Yeo Valley Organic products. It is particularly important to keep the yogurt at the right temperature at all times. The yogurt is homogenised and pasteurised to ensure that it is free of micro-organisms that could affects its shelf-life or be harmful to health.

The yogurt's label gives instructions on storage and a 'use by' date, to help avoid food poisoning once it reaches the consumer's home.

The yogurts themselves are attractive, natural colours, reflecting their ingredients (no garish colourings are added). They are packaged in clear pots, made of a very thin gauge of polypropylene with an outer card sleeve. The card sleeve is made from 98%, unbleached material that both supports the pot during transportation and use, as well as providing the basis for the artwork. The use of colour and images on the outer label reflects the natural origins of the product.

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