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Eco-friendly fashion

Greenfibres in the UK

Earth AWears example is now being followed by other companies around Europe. In the UK, William and Gabriela Lana set out to change perceptions of ecologically-friendly clothing when they set up Greenfibres in 1997. As William explains: We want people to be drawn to our clothes first, and discover they are organic later.

Greenfibres makes and sells clothes made from materials that have been untouched by pesticides or other potentially dangerous chemicals. It also takes care to trace exactly how and where its products have been made and to ensure that:

  • no one has been exploited
  • no child labour has been used
  • everyone has been given a fair wage.
  • The Greenfibres collection now includes everything from lingerie and socks to Harris Tweed suits and shirts designed in Italy. As well as clothing, the company produces belts, scarves, bags, blankets, toys and nappies.

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