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Fair trade moisturiser

Skin solutions

Skin... we can’t live without it. It keeps our vital organs in place, keeps harmful substances out and helps to control the body’s temperature.

In each square centimetre of your skin there are 10 hairs, 100 sweat glands, 1 metre of blood vessels, over 3 metres of nerves, 25 pressure receptors, 200 nerve endings to record pain, and 14 receptors for heat and cold. Yet this incredibly complex material lives for less than a month - we lose about 10 billion dead skin cells every day.

Not surprisingly, people have always tried to preserve and care for skin. The first cleanser on record was made by a Greek physician in AD150 from a mixture of beeswax, olive oil and water or rose water. The Egyptians’ recipe was less appealing - it included oil, dough, fresh milk, ostrich eggs and bullock’s bile!

Today, people around the world spend over £1 billion each year on moisturisers and cleansers alone.

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