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Organic cotton to fair trade fashion

Jorge's experience

'Since my father bought this land 45 years ago, mandarins, asparagus and cotton have been grown here. But through the use of insecticides, the situation became so bad at a certain point that you could no longer hear any birds sing. The farmers' cooperative therefore decided to prohibit the toxic pesticides. My father and the others switched to natural insecticides, such as birds and ichneumon flies. The natural balance was restored after three years. We have made big investments and that means high costs. Now that we have joined Oro Blanco, things are going the right way. This approach is also important for me and my family. The children are growing up here and I would not like them to grow up in the midst of agricultural poisons. It gives a good feeling not to have to work with pesticides and to know that our part of the valley is relatively clean.'

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