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Smart Cars


Build your own smartTM by visiting www.thesmart.co.uk and choosing 'build'.

Product analysis
Take a ride in your own family's car or that of a friend. Try to identify ways in which the ergonomic aspects could be improved. You will need to interview the driver for this. Ideally, try to interview two different drivers (one short and one tall).

DMA (graphic products)
Assume that designers have developed a new technology in which a rechargeable fuel cell can be used to power a car. Using a CAD programme like ProDesktop, design the overall shape of a two-seater car that allows 0.5m3 for the fuel cells (these should be positioned low, as they are rather heavy). You will need to find out how much internal space there needs to be for the driver and passenger. Try to keep the overall dimensions no larger than smartTM.

'This house believes that all motorised private transport should be banned in towns and cities.'

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