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Eco-friendly fashion

Setting up Earth A'Wear

Earth AWear was the first shop in Copenhagen, Denmark, to stock only eco-fashion clothing. Nick Paxevanos, the man behind the company, explains the story behind the store.

Earth AWear was inspired by the birth of my son. I was already environmentally conscious, but his arrival prompted me to become more active. The lack of availability of eco-clothing nudged me in that direction.

My aim was to set up Denmarks first fashionable organic clothing shop for children and adults. My key objectives were to increase awareness of the environmental hazards of the textile industry, and to provide people with an alternative.

I linked up with Anja Christiansen, an expert in organic textiles, and we worked out details such as finance, location and criteria for the clothing we stocked. Anja was in charge of the creative side, while I was in charge of research and development. We worked together on marketing and the day-to-day running of the business.

The first problem we encountered was lack of response from the media, which we had hoped would promote us. Instead we applied to the Danish government for money from a fund that supports environmental businesses. We used the grant we were given to promote ourselves and our message, and gradually built up regular customers.

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