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The context

Imagine if huge parts of the world were flooded with water. Millions of people would lose their homes and land to the rising sea.

This could happen if we continue to pollute the environment - and the biggest menace is air pollution.

Every day, hundreds of millions of tonnes of fossil fuels such as coal and oil are burned to create useful energy for homes and transport. But by burning these fuels we also make:

smoke, grit and soot, which pollute the air we breathe
sulphur dioxide, which dissolves in the air to cause acid rain
carbon monoxide, which is hard to detect and very poisonous.

Perhaps most serious of all is the 'greenhouse effect' caused by the build up in our atmosphere of carbon dioxide, water vapour and other gases. These absorb the infrared radiation given off from the warm surface of the Earth, creating a 'thermal blanket' that traps the heat. This keeps the Earth warm, causing the weather to change and the seas to rise - with potentially disastrous effects for our planet.

So what can we do to help?

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