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Yeo Valley organic desserts

The context

After World War 2 and years of food shortages, European governments encouraged their farmers to produce more food by adopting efficient, intensive farming methods. In particular, it became routine practice to use chemicals - such as artificial fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics and other drugs - to prevent animal and crop disease. Did you know that farmers in the UK use an astonishing 25,000 tonnes of pesticides on crops each year?

Now, however, there is a backlash. Increasing numbers of consumers are turning away from industrial farming techniques and demanding organic food - high-quality products grown by farmers who promote animal welfare, care for the environment and don't use artificial chemicals.

In this case study we find out more about the Yeo Valley Organic Company. Organic yogurt was first made at Yeo Valley's production plant in 1993, and since then it has become one of the fastest-growing grocery brands in the UK.

Organic dairy farming

Becoming an organic farmer

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