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Water - pump as you play!

How does the play pump work?

A drive mechanism below the roundabout is used to power a displacement cylinder that pumps water up the borehole to the storage tank. The cylinder pumps about 4 litres of water for every rotation of the roundabout. The mechanism has just two moving parts, making it easy to operate and maintain.

The pump is much more efficient than a traditional hand pump and can move up to 1400 litres of water per hour, depending on the depth of the borehole. This means that the storage tank can be filled in just two to three hours. After this, it can be topped up as necessary. If more water is pumped up when the tank is full, it is diverted back to the borehole so that none is wasted. As both the tank and the pumping system are sealed units, the water supply is protected from the risk of contamination.

Different types of pump

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