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Neater nut processing

Is cashew nut processing sustainable?

It would be difficult to find a raw material that is used as completely as a cashew nut tree. Its four main products - the kernel, the apple, the shell and the liquid in the shell - are all used in a range of ways.

Apples are sold as fruit or used to make jams, syrups and chutney. In India, they are used to make alcoholic and carbonated drinks. Fruit peel is used in animal feeds and tannin extraction.

The liquid surrounding the kernel is used in varnish, insecticide, gums, plastics and resins for clutches and brakes.

Cashew nut shells are burnt as fuel, while the nuts themselves are both exported and eaten locally. Burning shells helps to keep away mosquitoes.

Cashew trees are productive for at least 30 years. However, once they become unproductive, trees are either cut down and replaced by new ones grown from seed or made productive by grafting or layering. The wood from dead trees is used to make shipping crates, boats and as charcoal.

Is the anagi dryer appropriate for the area?

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