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Toys from reclaimed materials

Further Information

Useful books
Toying with Technology: A Resource for Design and Technology with a Global Perspective, published by Scottish Development Education Centre, 2000
(Aimed at key stage 1, but still a useful resource)

Out of the Bin and into the Secondary Curriculum, produced by Aylesbury Development Education Centre, 2001
(A teaching pack about waste minimisation in Ghana and the UK. For information, call 01296 395185 or e-mail adec@nildram.co.uk)

Tools for Transformation, produced by Aylesbury Development Education Centre (see above)
(A slide pack that examines the use and reuse of tools in Ghana and the UK)

Traditional Crafts from Africa by Florence Temko, published by Lerner Publications Company (USA), 1996
(A colourful book exploring African arts and cultures through easy-to-make crafts)

Chereponi - Ghanaian Rural Life, produced by ActionAid
(A case study photo pack. For information, call 01460 62972)

Nii Kwei's Day: From Dawn to Dusk in a Ghanaian City, by Francis Provencal and Catherine McNamara, published by France Lincoln Limited (London), 2001
(A beautifully written and photographed book about a 7-year-old boy from Accra)

Anansi and the Rubberman, by K Lock and K Kennett, published by Martin International Pty Ltd (Australia), 1994
(A humorous tale from Ghana)

Family Life and the 5Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Repair and Recycle, produced by Milton Keynes World Development Education Centre (MKDEC) and the Centre for the Development of People, Ghana
(For more information, call 01908 310951 or e-mail info@gemk.org.uk. MKDEC is now known as Global Education Milton Keynes)

Toys - a resource pack, produced by The Commonwealth Institute, 1994
(A pack full of ideas for making toys aimed at KS2 and 3.)

Toys and Tales - with everyday material, by Sudarshan Khanna, Gita Wolf and Anushka Ravishankar, published by Tara (India), 1999
(Suitable for KS3, a colourful book full of ideas of simple folk toys that demonstrate scientific principles)

  1. Little Toys, by Arvind Gupta, published by National Book Trust (India), 1997
  2. The Toy Bag, by Arvind Gupta, published by Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology (India)
  3. Toy Joy, by Arvind Gupta and Ramesh Kothari, published by National Council for Science & Technology Communication (India), 1991
(Suitable for KS3, 3 small booklets full of ideas of toys that demonstrate scientific principles)


The website for the Aylesbury Development Education Centre, which includes information, resources and artefacts from Ghana, especially about waste minimisation.

The website for the Thames Valley Development Education Centre, with information, resources and artefacts to buy and loan. Included in the loans service are toys made by children from the Sunrise School, Accra and an exhibition to go with them.

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