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Water - pump as you play!


DMA (Graphics): Design and make a poster to encourage people in your school to save water. Ensure that it includes some practical suggestions as to how they could reduce their daily usage.

FPT: Keep a water diary for a few days to see how much water you use in an average day. Don't forget to include all your use - washing, drinks etc. Make a list of ways in which you could save water. How much do you think you could save each week?

FPT to encourage creative thinking: Look at the different types of pump detailed in Link 2 to cog 4. In groups, brainstorm different ways of harnessing energy produced by children using playground equipment. Could they be used to pump water. Make annotated sketches to illustrate your ideas.

Extension to FTP: Try to think of other multi-purpose technological activities in which the by-product of one activity provides energy to achieve another useful purpose.

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